Help the project: Le Restaurant des Enfants de la Rue

The easier method is: help with us the Phnom Penh street children by a donation. We will decide together about the best opportunities to give value to your brand.

Firm events

We are available to hel you give a touch of "solidarity" to your corporate events (parties, shows, celebrations, concerts, etc...) being conducted as part of a fundraiser to support a specific project involving your brand and our charitable initiatives.

Fund raising activities

Activities to be carried through employee involvement in fundraising within the company.

Spread the word

You can help us in letting your employees, partners and customers know Waltzing around Cambodia's activities, by hosting a banner or a simple link within your website.

Cause related marketing projects

The company decides to dedicate one or more products to raise funds in support of the cause and to donate to Waltzing around Cambodia a percentage of revenues derived from it, for a given period.


Direct contribution to the coverage of costs about a specific event or campaign for which the company gains visibility whithin the initiative.

Christmas Campaign

Waltzing around Cambodia proposes companies to replace traditional Christmas gifts with a gesture of solidarity in favour of street children in Phnom Penh.

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