Who we are

WALTZING AROUND CAMBODIA was born from the will of some families from Turin who have adopted Cambodian children wanting to create a “ cultural bridge” and bringing our big or little contribution to a social contest that is particurarly difficult: Cambodia.

What we try to do is realize the generosity of many people by little interventions on behalf of children living in a country, Cambodia, that is one of the most poor of Asia: 34% of the population lives with less of a dollar per day and more than half of the total amount of children is poor feeling. Among them 1/8 dies before reaching 5 years, mainly because of avoiding disaeses.

WALTZING AROUND CAMBODIA can’t solve the worldwide injustices or garantee to all children their denied everyday rights, what we are trying to do is to show that by willing each one of us can do something to improve this reality, day by day, kid after kid.