Daily life

The street food in Cambodia sometimes contains surprises: eggs with chick embryo

Channy and Sophorn also eat eggs with chick embryo

The fruit in Cambodia is beautiful, good and colorful

Traditional music kmerr


Royal Palace


Tonle Sap river

Royal Palace garden

Street food

A train of bamboo

Bicycle in Cambodia

Pagoda in Cambodia

Religious rite

Wedding in Cambodia

Music for wedding

Watt Phnom

Harvesting rice

Street food. Fruit

Street food. Insects


Preparation for wedding dinner for 300 people

Life in the countryside of Cambodia

Primary school in Cambodia

The street traders

Insects' seller

Dessert in Cambodia

Movement of the inhabitants of an island in Cambodia

Dinner in a modern restaurant

Market country

Popular games

Mobile market in Cambodia

Collectors of bottle

Sea food

Election campaign

Raising of poulty in Cambodia

Playa de Sinhaukville

Waterfalls Sinhaukville

Boat trip at Phnom Penh

Political demonstration


Traditional cake kmerr

Fishing in Cambodia

Distribution educational material

Kids bike out of school

Means of transport

Motorcycle trip

Rice harvest

Workers and trasport

How to cook the fish amok