Party 1st june 2012

1st june 2012 - Party

The birthday of all children

Many street children in Cambodia do not know their date of birth and therefore can not celebrate the birthday. For this reason it was decided that every year, on 1 June, International Day of the Rights of the Child, will be the birthday of all these children.
Every year on June 1, will organize a big party for street children.

1st june 2012 - The tests show

1st june 2012. More tests of the show

1st june 2012 - and then... tests again

1st june 2012 - they are almost ready

1st june 2012 - candy for children

Miss Keo Thyda, a cambodian woman, has donated 7 boxes of candy for the 1st june party.

1st june 2012 - the party

1st june 2012 - TV5 Part one

1st june 2012 - TV5 Part two